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Thermal Arched Beam Attenuator(Shutter VOA)

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TAB (Thermal Arched Beam) VOA is a VOA product family using the MEMS chip with a mirrored vane that actuated by thermal arched beam to achieve precise and stable attenua-tion. The vane attenuates the laser light power by blocking the input laser beam onto the output fiber. The applied volt-age to the device controls the vane displacement, thus the desired attenuation amount.

The TAB VOA is the best-in-class versatile VOA product with uncompromised performance and durability.

*Miniature design in a Micro DIL package
*Hermetically sealed
*Low insertion loss (IL)
*Low Wavelength Dependent Loss (WDL)
*Low Polarization Dependent Loss (PDL)
*High attenuation accuracy and range
*Long Durability
*High shock & vibration immunity
*Telcordia GR-1209 & GR-1221 compliant


Parameter  Specification Unit
 Bright Dark
 Operating Wavelength Range
 C-band:1525~1570 L-band:1570~1610 Nm
 Attenuation Range Min 45 40 / 60 dB
 Insertion loss Max 0.7 0.7 dB
 Driving Voltage Max 6 6   V
                                                             0 dB Max 0.2 0.2 dB
 Polarization Dependent Loss       0-10dB Max 0.3 0.3 dB
                                                            10-20dB Max 0.4 0.4 dB
                                                             0 dB Max 0.2 0.2 dB
 Wavelength Dependent Loss       0-10dB Max 0.3 0.3 dB
                                                            10-20dB Max 0.5 0.5 dB
                                                             0 dB Max 0.3 0.2 dB
 Temperature Dependent Loss     0-10dB Max 0.5 1.2 dB
                                                            10-20dB Max 0.7 1.5 dB
 Optical Return Loss Min 45 45 dB
 Repeatability Max 0.1 0.1 dB
 Wear-out Min 1 Billion 1 Billion Cycle
 Response Time Max 25 25 ms
 Total Optical Power Max 250 250 mW
 Dimension 12.7x7.5x25.4 (L x W x H) mm
 Fiber Type                                                                                  Coming SMF-28(9/125μm)
 Operating Temperature -5~70 ºC
 Storage Temperature -40~85 ºC
 Power Consumption 150 mW